About Us

 The Art of Karate is local family-owned business that has been in the Barberton area since the early 1970's. Mr. James Dean Rudibaugh, Ninth Dan and Grand Master, was active in the Martial Arts from 1960's when he studied Boxing in the Army. He has since then trained under some very influential Instructors. He started The Art of Karate in his basement in the early 70's but became a business in 1976 where he taught area families until his untimely death in December 2015.

His daughter, Heidi Lynn Rudibaugh, Eight Dan and now Grandmaster, has taken over the school to carry on her Father's legacy. She started her Martial Arts career at the age of 4. She has been teaching Martial Arts since 1999 and started the Cardio-kickboxing in 2008. She also teaches self-defense and does private lessons.

Mr. Jerry Tribble, Fourth Dan, has been with the Art of Karate for over 20 years. He teaches the early class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.