Art of Karate Martial Arts

Martial Arts Training in Barberton

If you’re thinking about beginning Karate or Martial Arts in the Akron area, you have come to the right place. The Art of Karate is a family owned and operated traditional Karate school located in Barberton, Ohio. Mr. James Dean Rudibaugh, Ninth Dan and Grand Master, and his daughter, Ms. Heidi Lynn Rudibaugh, Sixth Dan and Master, ensure the development and growth of each student; not only in technique, but in morality and judgement as well. Karate is not just a fighting style, it is a way of life.


Barberton Martial Arts

The Art of Karate is local family owned business that has been in the Barberton area since the early 1970’s. Mr. James Dean Rudibaugh, Ninth Dan and Grand Master, has been in the Martial Arts since the 1960’s when he studied Boxing in the Army. He has since then trained under some very influential Instructors…


Barberton Kickboxing

If you are looking for a great workout that pushes you every time, then this class is for you. I combine cardio and strength exercises to create a workout that is never the same and works every muscle (even maybe some you never knew you had!!). Not only is it a great workout, but I pride myself in giving you…